About Oak Associates

The Oak Associates Funds are managed by Oak Associates, ltd., a U.S. equity investment advisor, specializing in concentrated, low-turnover, long-term investing. Founded in 1985, Oak Associates manages portfolios for foundations, endowments, pension plans, private clients and shareholders of the Oak Associates Funds. The firm’s first two mutual funds were opened in 1992, followed by the introduction of five additional funds.

We take very seriously the trust that our clients and shareholders place in us. Oak Associates’ employees, as well as our friends and families, maintain significant investments in the Funds. As fellow shareholders, we have a vested interest in ensuring that the highest standards are maintained and that the portfolios are positioned for future growth.

Our Investment Approach...

  • Top-Down

    We begin by analyzing key global economic factors, market conditions and valuations. Then, we determine which sectors and industries we believe are best-positioned to benefit from our top-down view.
  • Bottom-Up

    Once we determine the most attractive sectors and industries, our team looks for the best companies in those areas. We analyze companies both quantitatively and qualitatively, seeking those with sustainable competitive advantages that trade at reasonable valuations.
  • Long-Term

    We take a long-term approach to investing, a style which requires patience as well as discipline. We evaluate an investment based solely on its long-term merits rather than short-term factors, and portfolio turnover tends to be relatively low.
  • Concentrated

    We believe that outperformance of the market requires concentrating in our best ideas, which means we limit the number of stocks as well as the number of sectors. Just because a sector exists in an index doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good investment.
  • Willing to Think Differently

    In order to outperform peers, it is imperative to invest differently from one’s peers, which is logical but easily forgotten. We believe being a good investor often requires not doing what the rest of the market is doing. We value independent thinking and are not afraid to go against the crowd when it makes sense to do so.

Oak Associates Funds include seven no-load equity mutual funds, available to institutions, retirement plans, investment professionals, and individual investors.

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Oak Associates offers separately managed accounts to institutions and high net worth investors.

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Separately managed accounts and related investment advisory services are provided by Oak Associates, ltd., a federally registered investment adviser.  Ultimus Fund Distributors, LLC is not affiliated with Oak Associates, ltd.